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>> this week on "the communicators," a discussion on how the internet is being used to provide transparency in the workings of government. our guest is ellen miller of the sunlight foundation. >> host: elleen miller is the executive directer of the sunlight foundation, and she's our guest on "the communicators" to talk about politics, money and technology. pead pedro is joining in the questioning this week. if you could start by telling us what the sunlight foundation and what it does. >> guest: sure. well, it's a 3-year-old nonprofit, nonpartisan institution that was designed to create greater transparency for the work of the u.s. government using new technology. so the internet and technologies that understand lie it are at the heart of every single thing that we do, and we're interested in transparency, particularly data and information about government and using the technology to put it into the hands of citizens where it really belongs. >> host: and how do you use that technology, and what kind of technology do you use? >> guest: well, there are several pieces to it. one,
there looking?g? >> not too well, rebecca. as you know, asia is not getting a chance to react to the u.s. confidence data coming out on friday. a sell-off in the region. the kospi down 2.8%. the economy did nothing to lift the shang hang market. the hang seng down 3.6% and the sensex 2.3%. in terms of nymymenymex, down a. brent should be lower as well following it. brent is trading around the ranges of $70.95 a barrel. bertha, please give us some good news. >> christine, we seem to be taking our tone from you. the market looks to extend losses. futures well below fair value. we'll get another read on consumers. earnings from lowe's and data later from housing from the national association of realtors. those are likely to weigh on the markets. we've got dow futures 120 points or so below fair value. nasdaq futures well below. s&p futures as well. taking a look at the bond market, we are seeing a move to safe havens, the yields lower. the guild in london, a record low yield. the ten-year bund at 3.3%. the ten-year note here. we are going to hear from ben bernanke at the end of the week. th
of stories. >> thanks for joining us. now that speech on british domestic policy by david cameron. his remarks are from earlier this summer at imperial college in london. [applause] >> thank you very much for that introduction and for your kind words about the need for honesty, openness, and transparency about public spending, something the prime minister and i the skull -- discussed in a slightly less calm and mysterious they. i want to thank imperial college for inviting me to speak here. you do have a remarkable history. these innovations have put willpower into people's hands and have changed the world. i want to talk about people power and the change we need in this country. after the political crisis this year, the consensus for change is overwhelming, but the reality so far has been, let's be frank, underwhelming. the announcement of a behind the doors iraq inquiry, and a prime minister who has talked about restoring the authority of parliament but is still going around making announcements on the radio. if you are serious about change, you need a consistency of argument and a c
of the u.s. consumer any way shape or form the job market is down and housing has got to stabilize. it is a very critical time for home buyers especially if one of the bend of the $8,000 a tax credit would you have to do is find a home negotiated price wheat your loan approved and close all before november 30th and if he can do that within four months i consider that a miracle. it is a busy week this week for housing key indication do on the real-estate market homebuilder's index on monday starts and permits and new housing market look on wednesday and by the end of the week existing home sales and a lot rests on finding some kind of green shoots in the housing market. the state of housing in america has been showing some small signs of stabilization ahead of this week's reports on home contruction and sales. while activity remains a fraction of what it was at the height of the boom 2 or 3 years ago, this summer has seen some indication of a pick-up. start with new construction. in the summer of 2005, new home starts were running at an annual clip of more than two million. just
like they want a dossier on all of us. but this one has such disdain for the wealthy that they would use it as a weapon. maybe a shaming campaign, other intimidation factors. >> collecting data for efficacy of healthcare treatments? could that lead to rationing? it is not the collection, it is how the government uses it. you talk about a 1,000-page healthcare bill. he was talking to somebody and they said that bill could be 50 to 75 pages but it is not. it is filled with these very vague lines about things like data collection and you ought to be very nervous with it. neil: why can't they make it like the manual for an iphone. >> try to read that. neil: we can read. but adam, i have been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. explain the logic of this checking account thing. >> well, no one likes to have their privacy invaded in any way. if there is any logic to this -- and i'm not saying i think it is a good idea but we all have insurance providers who have a lot of insurance. people who provide us credit have information on us. so, to explain a rationale, if the government i
captioning sponsored by wpbt >> paul: u.s. stocks take it on the chin with the dow posting its biggest drop in over a month, down 2%. that has some wondering if the summer rally's over or just taking a breather. >> jeff: today's selling started in asia and spread around the globe, despite japan's emergence from recession. global markets strategist stu schweitzer joins us for a look at the big picture. >> just to be on the safe side we decided not to kill any engines or shred any cars until the government funds the program. and pays for it. >> paul: sam mansouri's among thousands of car dealers waiting on a "cash for clunkers" payday and wondering what's next for the industry. >> jeff: then, shares of lowe's get nailed, falling 10% as the home improvement retailer's latest earnings miss the mark. and it pulls back on expansion plans. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> jeff: and i'm jeff yastine. susie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly business report" for monday, august 17. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pb
an investigation to see who approved the use. we have left a number of messages but so far there is no response. we are trying to track down the head of the state ethics commission. one man is dead and another hospitalized after an early- morning stabbing in college park. officers were called to check on to people in the 8900 block of rhode island ave. there is no word on the condition of the other men involved. the howard county sheriff's department is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of a prisoner that escaped custody. they have only received one tip. he was being transported thursday night when he used his handcuffs to choke a sheriff's deputy before fleeing on foot. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. a truck carrying milk overturned and we were over the scene just after 10:30 a.m.. police say the driver was making a delivery to a local wipe -- local waffle house when it put a wire and overturned. there were no injuries. a 55-year-old woman was charged of operating a boat under the influence of o
places on your morning commute. but for the most part it will be another warm one for us. 70 degrees in most places around wakeup time. for noon we're looking at mostly clear skies and 85 degrees. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. 91 degrees for our daytime high. so another warm and muggy one for us. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> you can follow us on twitter. that is marylandtraffic@marylandtraffic. very simple. route 32, traffic moving nicely approaching the clob. in the rossville area, route 7 at king avenue, utility work, shouldn't cause delays, just keep that in mind. lanes are closed for construction, southbound 395 before 95, the right lane blocked. and same with eastbound route 50 before route 662 the right lane remains blocked because of a construction project. that should be cleared up in the next 30 minutes or so. jfx at 41st street there, traffic moving along nicely. back to you. >>> 67:00 6:00, no denying there are cangs at the inner harbor. two men were shot saturday night and that's enough to scare innocent people to skip the city. the may
captning sponsored by wpbt paul: u.s. stocks take it o the chin with the dow posting its biggest drop in ov a month, down 2% at has some wondering if the summerally's over or just taking a breather. >> jeff:oday's selling started in asia and spread arounthe globe, despi japan's emergence from recession. glal markets strategist stu schweitzer joins us r a look at the b picture. just to be on the safe sid we decided not tkill any engines shred any cars until the government funds the program. d pays for it. >> paul: sam mansouri'among thousands of car dealers waing on a "cash forlunkers" payday d wondering what's nexfor the instry. >> jeff: then, shares of lows get nailed, faing 10% as the home impvement retailer's latest earnings miss the mar and it pulls bk on expansion pls. >> paul: i'm paul kaas. >> jeff: and'm jeff yastine. sie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly busines report" for mond, august 17. "nightly business report" is made possib by: this program was me possible byontributions to your pbs station from viewe like you. thk you. >> jeff: good eveng, everyone. stoc t
that. >>> scotty, hello. >> good morning. >> he'll tell us to buy a hybrid electric car. or maybe not. we'll find out. >>> eric ginsberg is here. this is neat. stuff for college. you got the books and all the stuff but if you need a car to go to wal-mart you can rent a smart car and come back. things we don't think of. >> interesting. >> this is a great idea. minister brantley is here. he's going to tell us about the great american home raffle. there's a million-dollar home in phoenix, maryland, that will be put up for raffle today. if you win you can get this house and also help people who cannot pay their mortgages. >> it's great. >>> jay will be here. three tough questions on this "mortgage monday." that and more coming up until 10:00. >>> see, save, spend a little but we're also worried about what is going on in florida. >> absolutely. actually, the tropical storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression. so that's good news. it's not causing too much trouble. just a good deal of rain for folks along the coast. and moving into alabama now. outside things look good for us. much
technologically challed by a lapel mic. there we go. welcome, everybody, glad you could join us. we are the largest advocate si group on behalf of the technology industry with 1500-member countries and touch some 16,000 technology companies. and on behalf of all of them, i welcome you here. we have some of our key staff with us today to help us field some of your questions. after i do a quick review kind of the water front of some of the issues still in the policy lean ma on behalf -- arena on behalf of the tech sector. let me introduce those folks in advance so you'll know who we are. on the phone we have the executive vice president who leads our public sector group, that is all the issues having to do with bringing technology. we have bartlett cleland of e health policy, jeff clark who is the acting directer of our state government affairs program. we have ed longnecker, executive directer from the midwest, you'll hear more from him later. with me here in the room, jennifer kerber, second to my left, vice president of federal and homeland security policy. to my immediate left, tr
her drunk since the day i met her. >> her blood alcohol level was 0.19. most of us would be out, unconscious. there's no way she just started drinking that day, and there's no way she just found some marijuana on the side of the road. i mean, this has been going on. >>> and tonight, a florida beach beauty marries her dream man and the newlyweds all set to live happily ever after until death does them part. what the 26-year-old beauty didn't plan on was the hit man she hires to murder hubby is a cop. that's right. the cops sting the bride on is video. while she breaks down in hysterical tears over her dead husband. this just hours after she puts those special final touches on his shooting death over the phone with a would-be hit man. we have the video. motive? not only does she convince hubby to transfer ownership of their $250,000 town home to her name only, in less than 24 hours, she goes shopping for a hit man. and just six months into the marriage, the thrill is gone. she reportedly gets a lover who calls police to save hubby. were there previous attempts to get hubby? and a
the harbor with the very latest. >>reporter: police sources tell us that surveillance camera have not been helpful. that's because it was so crowded here when that shooting occurred on saturday night. still they say they do have several leads in the case. midday monday. >> i don't think i would be coming down here for dinner. >>reporter: carter from north carolina. >> maybe after dark i would be more concerned. >>reporter: many tourist are talking about the shooting inside the light street pavilion saturday night. police say it was a gang feud that led to the gunfire. the mayor blames weak state law and lenient judges for churning out repeat offenders. >> they were carrying weapons on them. that's why we keep focusing on the legislation at the state to give some to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you they caught that guy he would have been out the next day. slap on the hand. >>reporter: police say they are not increasing patrols. instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >>reporter: officials at harbor place tonight say that they
'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. everyone, very quickly, thank you for all of your calls, e-mails, support. my first novel, a murder mystery thriller "eleventh victim," finally in the bookstores today. part of my proceeds go to wesley glen ministries, a charity that gives a loving home to the mentally handicapped. again, i want to thank you and i hope you like the book. >>> and now, a young mother with five little children in her minivan barrels down the wrong way on a packed interstate slamming into another vehicle. tally -- eight dead. one child hanging on to life. tragedy? yes. accident? oh, no. toxicology reports mommy high on booze and pot. bombshell tonight, blood is not thicker than alcohol. we learn the family cuts all ties with drunk mom's husband as surveillance video emerges of drunk mom just before the fatal crash. >> reporter: toxicology reports found schuler was twice over the legal alcohol limit and showed evidence of marijuana use. she was coming home from a camping trip at the time of the accident and was killed instantly, along with her daughter, t
. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. >>> claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle early this morning, the first named storm to hit the u.s. main land this year. claudette moved onto the shore at ft. walton beach as a tropical storm with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. the storm dumped heavy rains in some area but is expected to weaken over land and is not expected to cause significant damage. forecasters have been watching two other storms over the weekend. ana, headed toward the gulf of mexico, is dying out. bill is farther away but potentially the most dangerous of the three. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: claudette came ashore less than a day after forming over the gulf coast. ana is already weakening, but bill has forecasters watching and worrying. >> it does look like, first of all, bill is going to be the first hurricane of the season, probably the first major hurricane of the season. >> reporter: forecasters recently scaled back their predictions for this year, saying they expect only 10 named storms instead of
teaching people how to vote. >>> meanwhile u.s. and nato troops continue to battle with the taliban. tonight, an up close look at the fighting. in fact for the british tv crew. maybe a bit too close. >>> and as washington welcomes egyptian president hosni mubarak we look at his popularity back home. after 28-years as their leader egyptians have lots to say and much of it isn't good. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in vr >> reporter: just days ahead of the elections. many residents doubt it will be safe enough to vote. but u.s. forces and the government are determined to ensure polling stations are >> it will be election here and it may be modest, but you know so far as i'm concerned if one person comes out to vote then that's enough suck jes afghan and election observers say there is enough chance elections will be freely and fair. the precarious situation means it will be impossible to have observers at every polling station. >> many americans might not realize is that afghanist
. can you give us a quick overview of what that was and whether that benefits one party over another? >> what happened was, as a result of court rulings, the mp's were required to publish details of all their expenses. they were going to do this in a limited fashion, but as the details caught linked to -- got leaked to the newspaper. day after day they were publishing details of expenses, some of them really quite shocking what was being claimed. it did a lot of damage across the political spectrum. . . gavin cordon, what is organization all about? >> awful range of stories. it is essentially the media broadcasts, newspapers, it can be picked up by foreign media as well. >> thank you for joining us. now that speech on foreign- policy by david cameron. these remarks are from earlier this summer. >> thank you for those words about honesty and openness about public spending, something that prime minister and i discussed in a less calm atmosphere yesterday. you have a remarkable history in just over a century, you found the discovery of penicillin, fiber optics, and have a 14 noble laure
. >> this is the reason that judge greg step down from the administration and is now a u.s. senator. there is a good reason for you to be concerned about this. >> a couple of you mentioned the top tier candidates and you made the comment that if we have a couple of wins, mabel they will -- maybe they will step in. maybe it's time we have states and that are not afraid to lose. [applause] if these people are top tier candidates, they ought to be running whether they are free to lose or not. otherwise, they're just professional politicians and that charlie crist is a prime example. he was supporting the stimulus package without even reading it. >> i agree with you in the sense that in a perfect world, i think you are right. let me go back to the initial point which was what haley barbour said. according to him, most of the people who won the were part of the american revolution in 1994 signed on after the '93 victories. that is late to get into the game. that is only one year out. whether it is right or wrong, these people -- if someone runs for office, they are putting their life on the line put. it
confronted at the exit used a can of pepper spray on the security guard and headed down the street. >> a few hours for the phones to in. sources say they knew who it was. confirming a hunch by the investigating detective, this person was in fact a man. >> tips from citizens as well as law enforcement and other government entities came in to the detective. he worked them. and thought he had a good identity and then obtained a warrant. >> reporter: when he was stopped by police in the district last thursday, bradley was -- >> dressed as oma wan his i.d. showed his name toa be a male. >> reporter: this shows bradley dressed like a woman. it was attn ke woeyars ago after ybads lebway convicted overtreats passing on private property. when we talked to david hill back wa niearly august. he was keen on identifying the shoplifting because of the assault against the guard. the suspect then took off down wisconsin avenue heading for the friendship heights metro station. johnathon bradley was arrested in the district last thursday during a traffic stop when police say his name was ran they f
ed henry is in phoenix. he's been at these rallies. he's been following this one for us today and is joining us to bring us up to date on what's going on. you know, i'm curious as i look at this story, as to whether you saw other people in the audience that may have also been carrying guns the way this fellow was. >> reporter: i did, i saw at least a couple weapons, including an ar-15, and it happened just across the street from where i am. there was a large group of obama supporters, they were supporting the president on health care and it was peaceful, you know, there were some protesters across the street shouting things like socialism, et cetera, kind of typical stuff you see outside of some of these events these days. and i happened to wade into the pro-obama side to take some pictures, still photos, and try to interview some people. and all of a sudden, i saw this gentleman who was anti-obama, he was shouting something about socialism, with an ar-15 on his back. it sort of startled me because at first i thought maybe it was some sort of law enforcement officer, and i had
's rick santelli joins us now with a look inside the bond market. rick? >> thank you, tiler. it was a big up price down yield day for treasuries in response to the softness in the equity markets. as you look at this intraday chart of ten-year note yields, it's interesting to see. but what is really interesting is the five-year, the mid part of the curve led the drop in dwreelds and the buying that was going on by investors nationally, and globally. it had a sense of. but the ten-year by the end of the day, when equities had no bounce to put forth, did play catch-up and ended up ten basis points lower. the next chart, a couple months, you can see these lowest yields in about a month, july 13th, a month plus. now, the dollar was also part of the safety game today. as a matter of fact, for two reasons. on the one hand, the china story, lower equities. definitely puts a question mark in some of the aggressiveness or the future aggressive possibilities for commodities. so the tail wagging the dog, commodities, dollar denominee commodities moving down. but the dollar in and of itself is a safe
is is a problem here. stocks up 25% but telling us not much in the term of in way of top line pickup in the third quarter guidance. 6 to 10%, they declined 9.5% in the second quarter, not a sequential improvement we are seeing. as a result, trish, analysts raising estimates the second half of the year and 2010 are going to have pressure lowering the s & p there is lowe's from the month, 18 to $23. >> a subsector. lowe's is so tied to the housing market and not having a recovery. >> they did say they were -- receive sold signs of bottom. remember, these stocks have been moving up in anticipation of top line growth would be manifesting itself in some way, even modestly, and they are not really getting that, not getting the support they need from the bulls. >> talk about later in today's session, late-day rallies, it possible today? >> going to be harder today for a very simple reason. the market opened down immediately almost 200 points. think about what's happened in the last month and a half. when the market opens, people who don't believe in it start shorting the middle of the day and have to co
's biggest stars was treated by u.s. immigration officials we're learning new details right now of the incident that's grown to a real international controversy. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's commander for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> he's been focusing like a laser beam on health care reform, but for a brief time today, president obama put america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk president bush about the war in iraq are beating up on president obama, claiming he's escalated the wa
's going to be another hot one for us. >>> let's lets -- let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> no incidents on the beltway west side or east side and the tunnels are checking in with no problems as well. we have a little bit of slowing southbound through cecil county headed towards the tydings bridge and as you make your way -- excuse me, riverside parkway and emorton road. there's construction but no real problems. westbound route 50 tbheer the queenstown outlet's, there's delays because of a medical emergency off to the shoulder. jfx and north avenue, traffic is flowing freely at this time. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc, you'll find great music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban and rascal flatts. back to you. >>> going home, a mandatory evacuation order for thousands that fled raging wildfires in california. >>> gentlemen, start your engines. the grand prix races comes to baltimore. i'm sherrie johnson. more on that big announcement. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings. t
. some people tell us, they'll come back, there is no problem. other folks from out of town, say they're going to think twice before they come to the inner harbor. that shooting happened right in the middle, and it happened inside the light street pavilion. 24 hours later, more police officers are on guard. the inner harbor becomes the focus of violence again. >> we heard a gunshot, and we got down. >> reporter: the violence has moved inside. just after 10:00 on saturday night, gunshots were fired near a seafood restaurant. some people were knocked down as they tried to get out. >> this is going to scare a lot of people away. >> reporter: report of a man with a gun. before locating him, there were two victims. a 20-year-old male, and another man in his late teens to early 20s, with a gunshot wound in the arm. >> shots range out from inside of the light street pavilion, in front of one of the restaurants. >> reporter: the shooting is one of several violent acts at the inner harbor this summer. >> the reputation just going to baseball games, being in the inner harbor, and you don't want
place in public for people can explain themselves. it is something the mp's are getting used to, belatedly, in explaining expense claims. the explanation and free debate and trusting people in every society must be had to make our country stronger. i really enjoyed coming to speak today, and thank you very much for your questions. [applause] domestic policy at imperial college in london earlier this summer. polls show him with a 15% lead of record browns' labor party, with national elections expected next spring. you can watch this and more of visiting our web site, c- span.org. >> coming up next, ambassador richard holbrooke talks about the situation in afghanistan and pakistan. after that, an egyptian newspaper publisher discusses the middle east peace process. then, a look at the new gm electric car, the chevy volket. >> lobbying, influence, and money. monday, ellen miller, executive director of the sunlight foundation, on how they use the internet to provide transparency in government. of the communicators" at 8:00 p.m. on c-span2. >> book tv weekend continues all week in pr
theft in u.s. history. more than 100 million credit and debit card numbers may have been stolen. >>> second opinion. the president wages options on health care reform is a compromise in the works and what does it mean? >>> the states in change. hundreds of women are on the ballot in afghanistan. standing up for rights where women have few. >>> rock of ages. returning to a place attorney by war and ethnic hatred, u2 shows the healing power of music. >>> and also tonight, if you think binge drinking is just a problem for the young people, think again. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television a >>>good evening. in for brian williams, i'm ann curry. and tonight we begin with what the justice department calls the biggest case of hacking and identity theft in u.s. history. federal prosecutors believe a record-breaking 130 million credit and debit card numbers have been stolen by one man now in custody with the help of at least two others still at large. and while the government says this is an international case, the victims are ordinary shoppers in gro
in this configuration. this is unique for us, but to talk about this, and so far, it seems to me that people understand how critically important this is. do we need to show progress? of course. we cannot make these investments without having some demonstration that they have results, and that is why i said earlier i do not want to confuse input and output. you have seen input today, and we have answered your questions about what is going on on the ground, but we are very mindful of the fact that we need to show that all of these programs you have heard about today, frankly unveiled in this manner for the very first time, have to produce results. maybe john will invite as back in one year, and you can hold us to account, but i will leave that to him. im. that is an open invitation. let me close by noting that when richard began his remarks he noted he was aught our launch event for the center for american progress. he said he hadn't been invited back. i reminded himj#u we had invite him back many times nor private consultaons but it's sometimes dangerous to give him a microphone. but the real reason was
with a full hour of news. stay with us. >>> tropical trouble. the first named storm to make landfall in the united states and the threat doesn't stop there. the one-two punch brewing in the atlantic ocean in this so far quiet hurricane season begins to heat up. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this monday, the 7th day of august 2009. nice picture out there. the washington skyline all lit up as we begin another workweek. >> and we're going to talk to meteorologist tom kierein now in the studio about this workweek, begiing today what can we expect from the weather? >> a hot day. great day for the beaches and pools. you'll want to stay cool. by this afternoon we'll be soaring into the-9 m-90s. right now, no precipitation m as we look wase look radar we are ofoo aadf rar we are ef af rtof -freraree start.ino. wagtinup. upper 60s in montgomery, fairfa pnth serou mnanareaylar the bay. on the eastern shore. these are the current dewpots. iney are comfortableth ts. they are comfortable in the low mi and ts
a criminal enterprise, two counts of money laundering, one count of carrying and using a firearm in conjunction with drug trafficking and multiple counts of distribution and carrying of methamphetamine. floyd was tried separately and sentenced to 15 years in lev leavenworth prison where he died of a heart attack before he would have paroled. laurie got ten years in the federal penitentiary and was released after serving eight in july of 1999. her son and only child was 15 years old. laurie had been gone for half of his life. by then, the meth business in the midwest had mutated into something that laurie couldn't believe. though she was quick to comprehend that it was a new, much more fully developed phenomenon than that which she had created. and along with laurie identified a spot for herself in the new order, she did the thing that she'd been doing all of her life. she went right back into business. [applause] >> thank you. >> okay. it's question and answer time. >> okay. >> i see a hand over there. >> yeah. >> i didn't have a chance to read the whole book but i was wondering
for clean-up too. >> i'm sure it does. >>> go to our blog at cnn.com/amfix. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll see you back here again tomorrow morning. right now the news continues with the "cnn newsroom." >>> hundreds of billions of dollars to jump start the economy, now six months old is the stimulus working? we ask the experts and we are asking you. >>> after weeks of waiting, the hurricane season is in a hurry. one storm hits florida and we're watching two more. >>> plus, three sisters worried about health care reform. our dr. gupta aims to put their fears and yours to rest. good morning, everybody, i'm in for heidi collins on this monday, august 17th, and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> all right. let's get right to it. we have three storms to talk about. we've got claudette first on deck, a strong tropical storm, and then we have bill. bill's a bit of a stronger storm, could, in fact, become a hurricane later this week. and reynolds wolf right here watching both of them for you. including a third storm, that one named ana, that is a tropical depression. so, reynol
is hurricane bill? bernadette woods is tracking it all for us in the first warning weather center. >> three named tropical systems, claudette made landfall early this morning, i want to show you first warning doppler radar, what we have going on at this point is mainly heavy rain. just offshore you're seeing the purples, that is going to come on shore in the next few moments here, will continue to feed up from the gulf, it's lost a lot of its circulation, it made landfall at 1:10 eastern time just outside of fort walton beach. in the center of this, it will continue to move off to the northwest. this track right here, we're going to switch it over and show you our satellite here, better idea of the track going on, there's still a lot of rain with this system, and some of it is going to get drawn up to the north and into a front that will move our way. at this point the last advisory has been issued on claudette. we have to give you a quick update on bill, as of the 11:00 update, winds up to 92 miles an hour, that's still a category 1 storm, it's a really good chance it will be category 2. i
in the u.s. supreme court in the petition for sir shari, which was granted the spring. anagram and sullivan cases which are coming out of florida. question before the court in those cases, and you pick those cases wisely, pick two people who did not commit murder but who committed horrible crimes before they were 18, is whether the sentence they justly received after a fair trial, life without the possibility of parole, is constitutional. they have failed to convince state legislatures to abolish the senses. they have failed to convince state supreme court to find in these sentences unconstitutional. they have failed to get federal judges around the country to find these sentences unconstitutional. and so they are trying to make a constitutional end run around the representatives of the people, and all the other judges and justices who look at this to discover a new right. a right which, and i use quotations, a right which will jeopardize all noncapital sentences, potentially. it will essentially a loud judges taken to its illogical extreme to engage in a joke ball on every sentencing of ev
megastar in the u.s. to promote a film about profiling of muslims is questioned by airport security. is it a case of life imitating questioned by airport security. is it a case of life imitating art? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, thanks for starting the week with us. breaking news from the florida panhandle. claudette becomes the first tropical storm to make landfall so far this season. >> it came ashore near ft. walton beach with 50-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rain. claudette is expected to move toward montgomery later today but there are other threats out in the gulf. claudette popped up almost overnight even with the storm's center offshore it made for a windy and soggy sunday. >> at dunk on apalachicola bay you can barely stand up on this dock, yet there are people who are going to try to tough it out in their boats tied up to the dock. there is a lady back down here. walk down here. the hell runner ii. he will stick it out on the storm no matter how much it bobs. >> reporter: shoppers raided grocery stores for supplies. some people like this woman headed inl
's expected to make a comeback this fall. and u.s. health officials had predicted 120 million doses of vaccine would be available by mid-october. but today they said no, we'll only have 45 million. cbs news medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton tells us what's behind the change and what it will mean. >> just two weeks into a national testing program to see if the h1n1 vaccine is actually safe comes word there will be far fewer shots available in the fall when a national vaccination program is scheduled to get started. >> we're in a race between the vaccine and the virus. and this gives the virus a little bit more of an advantage. >> in july it was projected the 120 million doses would be available by october with another 75 million in the following months. now siting production delays the government has been told by manufacturers only 45 million doses will be ready by october 15th with approximately 20 million doses being delivered each week thereafter. >> the fact that we have fewer doses i think actually will focus attention. it will mean that we all will have to be much more explicit ab
campaigns. >> they invited us three years ago to join in their rally, the motorcycle ride, they do fundraisers throughout the year, different events and we've joined for the past three years in the motorcycle ride. >> it included the maryland state police, veterans and hundreds of volunteers. it started at jones junction in bel air and ended at the chesapeake harley-davidson in darlington. >>> a woman lost her wedding ring in a bar and thought she would never see it again. why this woman is so happy that she stayed up to watch the 11:00 news. >>> and why one couple allowed their guests to bring more than just one date to their wedding. >>> a little on the muggy side for us this morning. it's going to get back up into the 90s this afternoon. coming up next, we'll check in on tropical storm claudette and see if that's going to bring rain our way. >>> first, traffic with kim. >> thank you. looking at the beltway, traffic moving along nicely at speed but now let's check the buses and trains. >> good morning. you'll find on the marc, train 405 on the penn line cancelled. the other train
and police and in the partnership that we need more laws to help us do a better job. >> >> reporter: and another problem with the violence is the stop snitching mentality and in this case, the victims aren't wrap rating when it comes to providing a description of the suspect. adam may, wjz-13. >>> and the owners are cooperating with the investigation. >>> and tonight a prisoner accused of assaults a deputy is on the loose and the police hope that a reward will help catch him. >> well, the award leading to the arrest of the 20-year-old is up to a thousand dollars. he escaped from if custody last thursday after he used his handcuffs to choke a deputy taking him from the courthouse. he was convicted of theft and he's charged with attempted murder aeroened the police have one tip another case. >> anyone with information about the where abouts of the man is asked to call the police. >>> four beat a girl in anne arundel and a 17-year-old was beaten by four other girls. she was taken to shock trauma with not life threatening injuries. >>> wellings after a very slow start,the 2009 storm sea
from china that the sovereign wealth fund buying up to $2 billion of u.s. mortgages, a sign that the housing market may have bottomed out in the u.s. hong kong bore the brunt of the slump. china led the losses. the indian market down 4%. becky, i'm sending it back to you. >> christine tan standing by for us in asia. let's get to the u.s. markets. david restler is the chief economist and the chief strategist at d.a. strategies. do you chalk this up to the idea we have run so far so fast? >> we've had a big rally coming off the market in the march lows. i think expectations have gotten a little bit ahead of the reality as to where spending will be post stimulus. normally fairly difficult months, especially during years that the markets had a big spring. a little bit of both. we were looking for the market to have maybe a 3, 4, 5% pullback. we're getting that now. we've noticed that the asian markets starting a slowdown ten days ago. the trader will want profits. all in all, late summer activity. >> fred, you you wouldn't necessarily be counseling people as they watch this to m
of coming to these issues. >> can you give us a couple of examples? >> one current example we have seen, henry louis gates and segeant crowley who arrested him. the initial response was to call the policeman stupid. in fact, the respond eight currently -- to respond angrily. only one out of five whites liked that reaction. that is just one example of many impinges on race in this society. we tend to look at it quite differently as a consequence of our different histories and different sets of experiences. >> how many years have been with "newsweek"? >> 15 years. >> who is the first person that asked you to write about race? >> that would actually be college. i began writing professionally when i was 18, but i began college when i was 17. before i got my job the "chicago sun-times," my first real writing job, i was editing a publication at my university in chicago. we are talking about the late 1960's and early 1970's, a time when race was very much an issue. we were dealing with the assassination of one of the leaders of the black panther party, which was big news in chicago. we were de
for your family. trace: major garrett has the news for us from the white house. there seem to be some backpedaling going on here. >> when the white house began shifting its message from health care reform to health insurance reform, it appears this government-run component became a casualty. the president on saturday said, essentially, this was not mandatory in any final product. on sunday, kathleen sebelius, like every other cabinet member, is given points to talk about over the weekend, and she said the same thing. a public option is not an essential element of reform. the white house is saying nothing has changed and it remains a priority but legislatively, it is losing steam in the polls. there does not appear to be the votes in the senate or in the senate finance committee, which need to act by next september. interestingly enough today, howard dean said that there was no reason to go through the effort and expense of health care reform if you do not have a public option. his projection was that if this stalls, there will be in the public of rising to put it back in the package s
attention. relieved this is season's first land falling storm wasn't stronger. >> it passed us by. >> reporter: but well aware hurricane season still has 14 weeks to go. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, panama city, florida. >>> for the latest on all three storm, we'll head upstairs. >> let's talk to tom. 14 more weeks of hurricane season. >> yeah, and the peak week is the second week of september, so we'll be ramping up as we get there. let's take a look at the tropics and look at all three. first of all, here is claudette just coming ashore this morning about six hours ago. here is washington, here's florida. it looks like claudette will stay to our west and pass to the west of the appalachians. here is tropical depression ana, just now to the southeast of puerto rico, which is here. and it does look like it's going to continue off to the west/northwest as a weak low pressure system over the next few days. and perhaps bring some more rain to florida. they've needed the rain. but this is the big story now, this is hurricane bill. you you can actually see the eye of the hurricane. bill
for us, and she joins us now with the latest. >> thanks a lot, pat and jim. yeah, for the last 2 1/2 months, the atlantic season has been awfully, awfully quiet. now we've got three. hurricane bill, of course, the first hurricane for 2009. could become a major hurricane by the end of the week. we'll keep our eyes on it. it's way out in the atlantic in the open waters and it is expected to intensify. not until saturday. bill might move closer to bermuda. then you've bought tropical depression anna. it's in the caribbean there. expected to make its move just south of hispaniola in cuba. and then finally we've got claudette. it made landfall this morning in the gulf of mexico, around ft. walton beach florida with gusty winds and rain. there you can see on the radar where most of the heaviest rains -- it's rather disjointed and disorganized now. the heaviest rains sitting off the coast. spots like alabama and western georgia getting lots of rain. meanwhile, kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: as claudette came ashore on the florida panhandle overnight, the storm left a wet wake-up
. back to you. >> tell us about the damage. was there any damage? and was there any warning for the people who lived there? >> reporter: yeah. you know, with less than 24 hours of it being named and it coming ashore, there wasn't a whole lot. even the papers here on sunday morning didn't have a lot of mention of the storm because they weren't thinking that it would strengthen so much. so they didn't have a lot of warning. not a bought of time to get redy. the good news is there wasn't a lot of damage. just some tree limbs down, some spotty power outages. and then a lot of rain. some places got upwards of six inches of rain. really no major damage. all of those people have had their power restored. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. >>> let's check in with bob ryan up in storm center to get an idea of what's going on now. hi, bob. >> hi. we're still getting heavy rains. panama city, not much. but the rains still are coming into birmingham, alabama, and there's quite a bit of offshore, heavy rains. the circulation, it was really a minor, minor tropical system. it's now in eastern
4:00 this morning at a 7-eleven in the 8900 block of rhode island avenue. terry joins us with details on what happened. >> reporter: marybeth, police got a call about two men lying in a parking lot. they were flown to a nearby hospital, where one of them died. investigators believe the wounded men had driven to the 7- eleven where they were found lying on the ground near their vehicle. authorities believed the stabbing actually happened about a mile away at a home on hollywood road. and they believe it was the result of a domestic dispute that got out of control. >> hasn't had a violent crime here in 42 years. longer than that, i lived here 42 years. it just doesn't happen. >> crime is everywhere, and these things happen everywhere. we need to stay together, stay strong, and stay vigilant and protect each other. >> police have yet to identify either of the victims. terry owens, abc 2 news. >>> tonight authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of an escaped prisoner. police say devin champagne got away after attacking a sheriff's deputy
strayer will tell us why. >> he conquered the world at 17, zach sutherland, the youngest person to sail around the globe and with solo is here to tell us about his amazing journey through academic guitarist james burton jams with evil rockers this is on our show and you have a great time and thank you for joining us areas. [ applause ] >> last week president obama said i didn't have to worry about a government health care plan and private carriers out of business, and he said that fedex and ups, or private companies, are profitable, and the post office wasn't. now doesn't that seem like a good reason to not let government take over healthcare is to mark up my word for it, take a look at what the daily show's jon stewart had to say. >> this is a town hall meeting isn't there a simple way to explain that government programs can work pretty well yet not threaten the solvency of private companies they are competing against. >> people say how can a private company compete against the government? if you think about it, ups and fedex are doing just fine. right? no, there are. it is the post of
numbers here. 50-mile-an-hour winds, 6 inches in rain. the big question for us now, where does it go? >> some areas could get as much as 10 inches of rain. as we project it will go up into alabama and georgia later today. >> bill, of course, that is the first hurricane of the season. we'll tell you everything we know about that in a moment. first we have questions about claudette. >> that's right. it's as we said claudette is slamming ashore panama city and we have right there spending the night in the drenching winds jeffrey kofman himself. how was it last night, jeffrey? >> reporter: it was wet and it was windy but right now it's actually not. you know, about half an hour ago if you had seen me it would have been a lot more dramatic and expect to see more heavy rain and winds coming as the tail end of claudette makes its way ashore but we're between bands as we say when we cover storms. you know, it's like someone flicked a switch over the weekend, diane. for ten weeks we had a hurricane season with no hurricanes then suddenly in 30 hours we had three named storms. overnight here i
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